Out with the old and in with the new is good in theory, but how about making the old new again? Upcycling is an excellent tool to have in your home design arsenal, and it is seriously underused. Not only can it save you money, by reusing your old pieces and breathing new life into them rather than buying brand new, but it’s less wasteful and better for the environment, and can be good for charity if you upcycle pieces from charity shops! These simple additions and alterations are just some ideas to give your old furniture a new life.



Using contact paper will transform old countertops and is much cheaper than replacing them with expensive marble or granite. Just like in the pictures below, contact paper can be used to give the illusion of an expensive countertop at a much lower price, creating a chic, on-trend and modern look to any kitchen.


A fresh coat of paint and some new handles are a thrifty way to make old cupboards suit a new room. Old dark woods can be replaced by pastels, neutrals or even bright colours, creating a statement, one-of-a-kind pieces to feature in your rooms which combine modern and vintage. You can of course also repaint bookshelves, wooden chairs and other items to compliment your home and create a suite of upcycled furniture!



With time, the material wears and goes out of fashion. But why replace ottomans, armchairs or sofas, when all they need is a pro upholstery job. Go from shabby to chic by giving busted furniture a makeover!



Economic, environmental and effective, almost any piece of furniture or decoration can be renewed and improved. With just a small amount of time and effort, you can upcycle your way to a more stylish room, adding a stylish and unique touch to your home staging. Have a fun experience upcycling!

Author: ltiwebHome