This summer, the tropical trend seems to have taken over more than ever. From beautiful patterns, gorgeous exotic inspired interiors or real, lush tropical plants, a variety of styles can be found all across the design world.


At Charlotte Jade, we believe in bringing the beautiful outside world in, by creating hand drawn patterns inspired by nature which are then printed onto a whole range of luxury interiors. Thus, we welcome the 2019 tropical trend with open arms, as we believe it identifies with our bespoke patterns and designs.


Charlotte Jade began around 3 years ago, when I decided to take my passion for drawing and pattern design and transform these designs into a range of luxury interiors, such as wallpaper, cushions, fabrics, ceramic tiles and flooring, all suitable for commercial and residential interiors.

The ethos behind my brand is simple: to reconnect us with the natural world. Based on the concept of Biophilic Design, the Charlotte Jade collections focus on the benefits of bringing elements of nature back into our lives, to reduce stress, aid mental wellbeing and improve productivity. By celebrating the shapes, forms, patterns, textures and colours prevalent in our natural environment, Charlotte Jade aims to reconnect us with our environment and restore our affinity with nature.

The areas of nature I tend to focus on are tropical plants, flowers and animals as I am inspired by the unusual shapes, exotic colours and atmosphere these designs create within a room.

Our most popular creations with our clients are our tropical patterns ‘Wild Garden’ and ‘Hybrid Flora’ along with our cushions, as our vibrant and textured designs bring a real sense of the outdoors into any interior space. These tropical designs can be used to create a stand out wall, or if you’re feeling wild, you can wallpaper your whole room, add vibrant cushions to seating or upholster your old chairs and sofas in our fabrics; there are so many possibilities for bringing the tropical trend into your interiors.

My latest print collection ‘Beautiful Botanicals’ will launch this summer and it focuses on the gorgeous, exotic plants and flowers from around the world. My objective was to create a collection that really celebrated the beauty in plants and flowers.

One of my particular favourite patterns from the collection is ‘Botanical Garden’, which was inspired by a stunning botanical garden in Dublin, of which will be exhibited at Decorex this coming October. I have also decorated my new North London studio with our Botanical Garden wallpaper and cushions, so we can keep the tropical trend going all year long!


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