Top tips for multi-use furniture for those wishing to have a room which can have two or more purposes!

Just because your home doesn’t have a spare room and an office, doesn’t mean that you cannot create the space you need to work from home or have guests to stay!

The most important thing is that your home works for you and your life and choosing the main function of a room has to be for what it is used for most. So many people have a spare room which is only used twice a year yet they are causing themselves a back ache running their business or doing homework from their sofas!


Sofa Bed – your lounge becomes a spare room

Single and Double Ottoman – your coffee table (with the lovely tray below on it) can become sleeping space

Big square trays to put on the Kix to convert them into coffee tables

Murphy Bed – these have come on so much over the years that people wouldn’t even notice them in your room.

Expandable Console Table – genius! Create a dining area for when guests come from a table that tucks away neatly.

Yoga Mat – from toddle kind. Such a great idea – now you can have a yoga studio in your front room!

Extendable coffee table – if you don’t have room for a dining table then your coffee table can turn into one!

Add that to a few slimline chairs tucked under your sofa and suddenly you can accommodate a dinner party!


Author: ltiwebHome