In today’s connected world, virtual consultations are becoming increasingly popular throughout the interior design industry as they provide an affordable, fast and convenient way of styling projects or living spaces exactly how you want; ready to advertise for sales or renting.

Virtual staging involves providing clients with 3D renders, showing the potential transformation of a space. Many clients have found this service cost effective as it saves money on design fees. It has also been highlighted that Virtual staging is a very flexible service where by a client would not have to take time out from their busy day to day schedule to receive professional guidance; this is all communicated remotely giving the client freedom to purchase products within their own time.

Virtual staging can be recommended for Estate agents in need of render photos when advertising to potential buyers, showing ideally what could be done with the space with out making any physical changes.

Virtual staging can be good when the property is empty, if a client is unsure on whether an item of furniture will be able to fit that’s when virtual staging comes in to play, this gives more of an understanding of the scale of the room. You will also find virtual staging will give a room a fresh new sense of style for a space that currently may have old furniture.

In order to prepare yourself for virtual staging it is important that the client understands expectations of the project or in some cases, their living space. What style you wish to project to the public, who are looking to buy/rent the property. Also will you be going for a contemporary or a transitional look?

These are general questions to bear in mind. Most often you will be required to provide the Designer/Stylist a few photos of the current living space, including inspirational images.

Recommendation for a suitable picture would be to clear as much unwanted clutter from the space if the property is already occupied, or completely clear the entire space. A professional photographer would be great in this case. This will help the designer to grasp a much clearer vision for excellent results.

If you have a good photo, this creates a good vision, which then leads to the perfect match!


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Author: ltiwebHome