By Kerry Hussain, VKH Interiors
Looking back, I have had a love of interiors since I redecorated my first dolls’ house aged 7 but it was only after I bought my first property in 2005 that I seriously considered ‘interiors’ as a career.

I was growing increasingly dissatisfied with my job in the TV industry and the long hours and travelling were making me miserable. I enjoyed the process of doing up my first property so much that, having realised there are actual jobs doing just that (!), I took a course on Interior Styling at Central St Martins. It was after this that I decided I needed to make this my new job.

I contacted lots of stylists and was lucky enough to be offered work as an assistant with firstly Zoe Brewer (of My Interior Stylist) and then Katie Gibbs and Helena Hill who worked for Next styling the Home Directory.

Over the next few years I assisted on shoots ranging from editorial (with Living Etc and Homes & Gardens) and commercial but it was the staging and styling of real homes that really excited me so I focussed solely on this area.

I now enjoy a wonderfully fulfilling and creative job styling properties for sale and rental, as well as helping private clients realise their vision for their own homes. I’m lucky to work with some great photographers and best of all I get to indulge my passion for property!

My brand is still evolving but I have been able to use my training in Graphic Design to create a style that I feel suits my personality. I’ve built a great portfolio full of inspirational images that I hope will help people realise that their homes too can look like something out of a magazine.

I absolutely love what I do!


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