Nothing could hold back the Home Staging Forum 2020 – not even a global pandemic. As such, the Home Staging Association UK & Ireland is delighted to report its third annual forum was an e-success!

Spread over the 15th-16th October, participants took to their screens in droves to watch a host of industry-leading speakers cover a plethora of topics. Talks were given by Aarti Parmar, Cindy Lin, Debbie Boggs, Elaine Penhaul, Jennie Norris, and Paloma Harrington-Griffin, and counted with the participation of Martyn Baum and Sanja Radovanovic.

Guests and speakers alike enjoyed the opportunity to e-network. Many reported a fallow summer for connecting to others in the industry, and as such, relished the chance to meet fellow Home Staging professionals.

The forum was supported by the IAHSP®Europe and TrustedLand, and sponsored by the fantastic John Lewis &. Partners Business, as well as Staging Studio, Davis & Mac, Stageflow and Fifty Five South.

Attendees were clamouring for more: “Next year, I need to invest in a bigger notepad! This year’s Home Staging Forum has blown me away. I have the longest list of actions to support my business journey, and I can’t wait to share them with my team. The rest of 2020 is looking exciting because of the inspiration that the Forum has given so many of us”, said HSA Founding Member Natalie Evans, of Little Barn Door.

Whilst the previous Home Staging Forum was hosted at the glamorous Waldorf Hilton Hotel in London, online guests of the Home Staging Forum 2020 were delighted by the ease and accessibility of the virtual event.

One of the guests, Sarah Ogden, said: “Being able to speak to so many stagers at once has been invaluable”, whilst one of the event sponsors, Davis & Mac’s Ed Davis stated: “I really loved the software and the networking set up. The talks were as usual, fantastic. The HSA definitely managed to pull it off and keep that conference feel. 10 out of 10!”.

The forum, delightful as it was, wasn’t the only reason for guests’ excitement – 2020 marked a second year of The Home Staging Awards. What a competition it was!

The HSA UK & Ireland saw entrants from all across Europe, with nearly 100 applications being submitted.

Each nominee had, in some way, striven to push the boundaries of the Home Staging industry.

The shortlist was announced on the 5th October, and from there, it was a race to the finish.

After receiving over 13 thousand votes, when the 15th came around, the Home Staging Association was ready to announce the winners.

Winners of a coveted Home Staging Award were as follows:

Best Transformation – Before and After (Occupied Property)
Anna Home Styling

Best Transformation – Before and After (Vacant Property)
Atelier ADA

Best Staging Project
Atelier ADA

Best Virtual Staging Project
Casa e Progetti

Best Holiday Let Project
Sienna Interiors


Congratulations to all the winners! You can read more about each of the winning projects here.

The HSA UK & Ireland would like to thank everyone who attended the Home Staging Forum 2020. It was brilliant to see such a large turnout of guests, speakers, sponsors, partners, and judges.

Without such diverse participation in the Forum, the UK’s Home Staging industry would not be so successful, informed, and envelope-pushing as it is.

Here’s to the HSA UK & Ireland’s Home Staging Forum & Awards 2021 which, with any luck, won’t be hosted in the shadow of a global pandemic – rather, in the sensational digs forum-goers came to expect in 2018 and ‘19!

Author: ltiwebHome