So, you’re a creative? Well buck up your ideas – you’re in the cold, hard business world now!

Such is the wall many pro-Home Stagers waltz into during their career. Creativity is a fantastic starting point for any businessperson, in any industry. After all, who’d turn their nose up to someone who can intuit a room’s multifarious staging needs, implement them, and exceed expectations?

The problem is latent in a fledgling Home Stager. It’s sad to say, but: there’s only so far that full-throttle creativity can take you.

Where would Dalí be without a canvas to paint upon? To what dirty gutter might Brontë have slunk without her publisher’s printing press? In what rotten hovel might Kubric have strained his days without the 9.8mm lens on which he captured A Clockwork Orange?

In a roundabout way I’m trying to say that creatives have to collaborate to thrive.

As a sensational Stager your secondary resource – the first being that tremendous flair for interiors you possess – is your business know-how.

Indeed, the Home Staging Association UK & Ireland have had an incredible volume of requests for a course that might develop that secondary resource.

During these tremulous times, too, Home Stagers are finding that streamlining their business is of incredible value. In a sense, what the HSA’s Business Course seeks to do is take the power away from external, potentially unreliable components of the business world and hand it over to you.

First things first. Have you ever heard yourself asking one of these questions?

– How do I price my services to ensure myself a profit?
– Where on earth do I find new clients?
– Furniture: I’ve got too much (or too little). When’s the right time to stop buying?

If you feel like there’s an echo somewhere in the house, then a business course is right for you.

Why the Home Staging Business Course?

Well, the syllabus has been developed by a team of experienced stagers and business owners. This includes the expertise of qualified business coach Elaine Penhaul (Lemon and Lime Interiors).

With over 30 years experience advising senior leaders in a diverse range of sectors (from police forces to the Royal Yachting Association, Elaine’s full of surprises), HSA Business Course students are in good hands.

Alongside Elaine’s database of professional proficiency stands the HSA UK & Ireland’s Founder and Director Paloma Harrington-Griffin.

Paloma – alongside running her own businesses and tending to the HSA UK & Ireland – has contributed continuously to the IAHSP and IAHSP Europe, and co-founded the Brazilian Home Staging School Núcleo de Home Staging.

Well – what’s so special about the HSA’s course?

If I had to pick four things that differentiate the Home Staging Business Course from any other run of the mill course, it’d be these:

– Modernity. The staging market is changing quickly, day by day, and many stagers feel their lack of business acumen is dragging them down.

– Customizability. The course leaders’ focus is making your business run your way.
– Efficiency. The training sessions do away with fluff – each of the three classes clocks in at one hour thirty minutes long.

– Open-endedness. The HSA’s Business Course doesn’t slam the door on your way out. Course staff seek to provide continuous coaching and learning opportunities.

Don’t take my word for it!

Here are two stunning testimonials from a pair of happy graduates:

“I was delighted I started the online staging course with Paloma & Elaine, it’s a very informal course which I love, they make you feel so comfortable & encourage you every step of the way to make the most of your business or start-up business opportunity! Every stage of the course is discussed in detail.
“No question is frowned upon which is so important when starting off. I feel like I’m having a coffee with friends while learning new skills so that’s a plus.
“Between classes, they are both available for questions or if you need help by phone- invaluable course I think if you are starting off on a home staging business journey.”
– Maura Mackey of Maura Mackey Design

“As someone who had no idea where to start setting up a home staging business, the HSA business course is exactly what I needed.
“It has provided me with invaluable information on what I should be thinking about, things to take into consideration and where to start! At first, this was all very daunting for me but having both Paloma & Elaine to guide me through and with their own experiences in the industry – it has been extremely helpful and encouraging.
“I have also signed up as a HSA member where there is a huge amount of material and resources for both industry beginners and established businesses. Thank you Paloma & Elaine – Looking forward to learning more in Module 2!”
– Amy Cooper, HSA Member

What to do next

Here’s how you can take steps to ensure a place on the next round of Home Staging Business Course sessions.

One – read more about the course (you’ll be delighted to find a plethora of additional information).

Two – register your interest with an email address: this will notify you when the course is re-available.

Three – dust off your Excel spreadsheets and business-savvy, because this course does not mess around.

Four – enjoy the bounty the HSA’s Business Course packs in!


For more information on the Home Staging Business course, please visit the course page here.

Author: ltiwebHome