The global pandemic we are all currently witnessing has challenged several businesses; however, for the Home Staging Industry, it was held on ‘pause’ and is starting to blossom. Covid-19 has encouraged or forced a lot of people to try and sell their home. As a result and with the increased competition in the property market, home stagers will thrive in an attempt to make homes more appealing for sales.


Covid-19 will provide home stagers with a golden opportunity to thrive and grow. The deals/developments that were underway when the outbreak happened are still there, waiting to move forward and home staging will be the ideal marketing tool to push it successfully. We, home stagers, developers, sellers and clients, are all staying at home and thus, it is important that we focus on things that are within our control. For example, consider alternative methods such as virtual staging/consultations to help prepare you for what is to come after the lockdown. This is a great time to build your profile and to market your home staging business. Clients and developers crave human interaction, so make sure you maintain conversations and to stay updated with their wants, needs and queries.


Like many others before it, Covid-19 has led to the economy plummeting. However, this time it is on a wider and deeper scale. In order to prepare your business for future recessions, it is important that you consider alternative means (e.g. 3-D virtual viewings). The Home Staging Industry tends to flourish during recessions, due to its fundamental role in increasing profits. As mentioned, it is important that you expand your business and that you integrate multiple different services as a means of adapting during those times.


With Home Staging prospering in the next few months, it is crucial that Home Staging Businesses revitalise their website and increase their social media presence. This is where potential clients will try to find you and it is essential that this process is smooth and instant. The additional tools recommended to help your business survive the pandemic, are useful to have beyond the lockdown. Hence, if another recession happens, your business is well-prepared.


Stay safe, stay home, stay productive!


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