WHATEVER the “new normal” looks like for the UK property sector, homes brought to market post-pandemic will need to be more polished in appearance than ever before to secure a speedy sale.

While societal lockdown was intended to flatten the infection curve of Covid-19, it also served to heighten activity in the “house proud” stakes, with the guidance to stay at home providing plenty of opportunities for property owners to notice imperfections and dwell on any unstarted or incomplete renovations.


Regardless of worries over R-rates and recession, sales of furniture, furnishings and decorating goods boomed as people invested money saved from abandoned overseas holiday plans into finessing their homes and gardens.


The temporary closing of workplaces nationwide also saw the desire for a domestic desk space rocket, with a home office now featuring close to the top of many families’ must-have lists.

In turn, the demand to declutter – whether to create additional space in an existing property or stage a home in order to move to another – has intensified and Big Yellow represents an ideal means of doing so.


The company’s secure storage facilities, which are accessible seven days a week and can be found across the UK, provide the equivalent of an extra shed, garage and loft space and can be used to accommodate anything not needed on a daily basis.

Negating the need to stash spare items above wardrobes or under beds and liberating floors from unsightly trip hazards, Big Yellow can help paint a property in a positive light to potential buyers or clear already overcrowded shelves and units in order to house a printer or work files.

Importantly, the market-leading self-storage company has long been an advocate of the belief that one-size-does-not-fit-all and its customer-tailored solutions mean people only pay for the space and duration of service they need.



HSA members and their clients can get 50% off up to 8 weeks storage and an extra 10% off for as long as you stay at Big Yellow and Armadillo stores – just access your Members Area to redeem it.

Author: ltiwebHome