Marco Sanges is an imaginative and innovative photographer who has exhibited worldwide and is now working with photography for interior designers and home staging professionals.

Marco shares with us in his own words how his career in Fine Photography began and how photography means a lot more than just what we see.


Art Life: The Beginning

At the early age, I worked at my uncle’s lab and I became fascinated by the crafts and the process of developing and printing black and white photography. My uncle was my first inspiration to grab the camera and take my first shot.

This process stayed with me until today and I keep following what I have learnt from him.

I am still using analogue and keep printing the photographs straight from the negative in the darkroom.

Since early age, I have been fascinated by black and white films and I wanted my photographs to talk in cinematic style. Surrealism was the form of art that captivated my imagination of adolescence period.

I developed my style of photography further based on the dream imaginary evoking multi-layered story, creating a highly personal imaginary cinema.

Latest Project: Wunderkamera

I wanted to play with virtual reality by mixing elements, superimposing them in multiple layers.
The resulting compositions reveal the various states of consciousness of the character and  explore the dualities between content and absence, space and surface creating a scene from an imaginary world.

From new kinds of compositions and perspectives to photomontage, technical experiments, and staged scenes, I wanted to rediscover the range and multifacetedness of photography between the real and the surreal.

I use photography as a mean to explore the unconscious and fantasy realms.

Next Exhibitions

My next exhibition will take place at the Château de Dampierre in France from the 28th of September until the 11th of November.

The poetry and dreamlike world of the photographs will extend the mystery of Alchemy that is the very magic of the place since Fulcanelli’s writing.

The castle is an architectural gem with its sculpted gallery with mysterious
alchemical decoration. It has been visited by prestigious guests, from François 1st to
Louis XIII, and later the surrealist painter Salvador Dali, whose engraves on Alchemy
are exhibited permanently at the Castle.


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