Luxury Italian home textiles brand Society Limonta has been pioneering new interpretations of fabric since 2000, creating unique visions of home. Using a combination of artisanal and contemporary processes, their textiles represent harmonious living spaces and quality workmanship.


With fabrics playing an essential role in creating an immersive space by having attention to details such as bed and table linens cannot be overstated in generating atmosphere. Society Limonta’s varied use of fabrics and weaves allows stagers to play with texture to choreograph a three-dimensional effect, updated seasonally, there are endless possibilities for design.


The HSA is pleased to announce that their members will now have access to the equivalent of 40% discount on Society Limonta’s products which can be accessed through their Members Area. This is a fantastic opportunity to compose rooms which draw on natural textures for their aesthetic aimed design.


To find out more about Society Limonta please access their website or download their catalogue here.

To benefit from the deal, please access your HSA members area.

Author: ltiwebHome