The fate of the property market has been willfully anticipated as the nation reopens. The expected slouch in house prices has yet to appear with asking prices at a record high. Buyer enquires are up – expected as a result of the stamp duty holiday, presenting an excellent opportunity to market a property.


A home staging service can speed up the process of selling, poignant as demand is expected to fall at the end of the year when a wave of properties will likely come onto the market with falling employment levels. A 2019 HSA research report, using data collected from property professions has shown 94% of estate agents see an increase in viewing numbers for staged properties, whilst 86% believe this results in a faster sale.


Home staging doesn’t have to be expensive, often reflecting and reorganising a space does much of the necessary work and helps buyers to envisage themselves in the space. Asking for help with this gives you access to furniture rental; 36% of staging companies are utilised for their inventory. Quality photos play a crucial role in building interest amongst buyers, this careful imagery gets people through the door, 100% of estate agents in our study attest to this.


Today’s market is all about being savvy, timing your efforts with broader economic peaks and troughs, all the more bumpy in our post-pandemic world. The HSA is here to help, providing a wealth of services and guidance for your referral, its members can assist in getting your desired asking price.

Author: ltiwebHome