In the 11th March episode of Location Location Location, Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer helped a family in Bristol find their perfect home. And a house staged by Refine Property has made its mark with the visitors — a seemingly boring home was made cosier and warmer for a possible family to live in.

To complete its changes, Refine Property did its touches. They took out the orange wall in the living room and introduced a mustard accent, which goes well with the wall. Also, they had to change up the girls’ bedroom to not make it feel small. Refine also staged the blue room and re-arranged the master bedroom. These changes brought some “Wow” compliments from the visitors saying that the house does not feel ‘staged’. Watch the full episode of the feature here.

Refine Property is relatively new to the market when they started home staging in 2017. And despite a newcomer in the industry, they have been successfully developing and staging their homes and their family and friend’s homes for nearly 10 years. They offer different services such as quick cleaning, decluttering, furnishing, staging, renovation, decoration & everything in between.

Their founder, Robert Shaw shares “After a few difficult sales, I realised that a well-staged, newly-developed home sells faster and for more than an empty one. I steadily accrued an inventory of furniture I would be proud to show in a home and began to market this service to others. We look forward to hearing from you and hope we can help to maximise your property’s financial potential as it goes to market”.


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Author: ltiwebHome