An investor client saw our initial staging at an open viewing and was very impressed with the results and just as important to him was the positive reaction of the other viewing parties. He was in the middle of renovating an ex local authority three bedroom end terrace villa. Although confident it would sell he was concerned at what level.

He invited us to look at his property and give him our ideas, which he immediately agreed with.

A few weeks later once the paint had just dried we delivered the furniture, wall art, and assorted accessories.

The final decision was based on recent trends of grey and gold, having poured over various web sites and interior magazines and becoming satisfied that this particular theme would complement the property. Fresh greenery and flowers complemented the overall look. Which turned out to be quite spectacular and was well received by the client.

The upshot was that the property valued at £2,000 higher than any other in the area and sold within four days for a further £3,000 above valuation.

Our delighted client has already offered on his next project. With presentingurproperty ready and waiting to stage the completed home.


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