We were contacted by a client in Croydon to make their house feel like a home. Their brief was to add colour and personality to create a home that was welcoming, cosy and sophisticated.

With the master bedroom we wanted to create a luxurious boutique hotel feel, a place where our clients could relax and feel comfortable. The colour palette chosen for this room portrays a sense of calmness and sophistication. The neutral tones combined with rich navy accents are echoed in the wallpaper. Within the scheme there are elements of brass which adds warmth to the colour scheme and creates a more up market feel.


With the living/dining room being the main family space we needed to create focal points to the existing space. The home is owned by a young family who love the neutral palette, we used this as our foundation and then layered with pops of colour which is how the teal wall evolved. By only painting the upper areas of the fireplace wall we wanted to create a floating element. The bold teal can be seen as playful yet warming without being too bold, we paired with yellow and brass to warm the colour palette and add focal points to the room.

Our brief for the guest bedroom was to create a neutral room suitable for visitors. As designers, we took the idea of neutral and made our clients embrace colours they had not perhaps considered. The gorgeous velvet olive-green bed creates a stunning focal point. Paired with walnut furniture this creates a really rich elegant and warm feel, perfect for the guest bedroom.

The final stage was to accessorise, we try to appeal to all 5 senses through our accessories as it’s the finishing touches that really make rooms come together.

Learn more about Cranberryhome and their beautiful projects by visiting their website: www.cranberryhome.co.uk


Author: ltiwebHome