We have Covid-19 and the lockdown to thank for giving us time to renovate and brighten up our homes for spring. The Home Staging Industry is expected to witness a boom following lockdown, with more people trying to sell their homes following the economic crisis the virus has brought about. In trying to sell your home, buyers will typically go for homeowners who have cared for their homes. With the weather warming up and the lockdown easing, you will be spending more time in your outdoor area.


Here’s a list to help freshen up your home this spring:


1)  Clean your Windows – by now, the windows of your home have gathered all the dust, dirt and winds of the winter and it is time for a good wash. Having clean windows will bring about more light to your space. To take it a step further, consider changing heavy curtains with light sheers to fill your home with sunlight and a lovely breeze.


2)  Bring Plants/Flowers Indoors – one of the best things about spring is the smell and vibrant colours of flowers and plants that make our homes fresher. Shops like M&S are offering free delivery on plants and flowers, so take advantage of that!

3)  De-clutter – warm weather and a lockdown is the perfect combo to get you decluttering your home this spring. Divide your home to avoid feeling overwhelmed and demotivated. Simple items like drawers or boxes can help you organize the mess, giving your home a neater look and finish.


4)  Enhance your Space with a Splash of Color – simple modifications like a colourful throw, a vibrant pillowcase or a bright carpet can prepare your home for spring without breaking the bank. New bedding or towel sets can also do the trick. Research suggests that adding colour to your home and working space can enhance your mood and productivity levels.

5)  Fix Outdoor Lighting – whether it is your garden or your front door, cleaning the light fixtures and replacing burnt-out bulbs can help set the mood. It will also encourage you to spend more time outdoors.
Stay safe, stay home, stay creative!



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