With Summer knocking on our doors, it is important that we adjust and prepare our homes to sell. Like Spring, Summer is also known to be a good time to sell, with the nice weather making our homes brighter and more appealing to potential buyers.


Below are a few tips to get you started:

1. Open Your Windows for a Breeze. Buyers are more likely to go for a home that is kept cool, particularly when purchasing during the summer. The summer heat in the UK can leave buyers uncomfortable and can significantly reduce the price of sale. If your home is built to insulate heat, it might be worth investing in air-conditioning or ceiling fans.

2. Depersonalise and Declutter. Sellers are typically geared towards a simple home with no personal pictures, family collectables and clutter. This is the time to start decluttering your house from all the mess and to prepare it to make a memorable first impression; an easy-on-the-eye home will sell quicker and at a premium price. By depersonalising it and decluttering it, you are allowing potential buyers to envision themselves in your home.


3. Polish Your Curb. As mentioned, first impressions are everything and a polished curb will place you on the list of potential buys. Take Spring season and the Covid-19 lockdown as a time to plant flowers, trim trees, and keep your grass looking green and lush. First impressions are only done once, and if you do it right, once is enough.

4. Pump Up Your Décor. Add some vibrant, summery colours to your décor to catch the eye of your potential buyer. Go for teal, aqua, yellow and orange; these colours tend to remind buyers of the beach and to bring warmth, light and comfort to your home. To do so without breaking the bank, consider adding a few colourful accessories like cushions, rugs, vases and wall art.


5. Make it Memorable. Potential buyers tend to spend the entire day viewing homes. In the summer heat, this can be both tedious and frustrating. A small gesture like offering a cold, refreshing jug of water, lemonade or juice will make your property memorable, differentiating it from other properties they have seen throughout the day. Small gestures, big difference!

Author: ltiwebHome