The Home Staging Association UK & Ireland is delighted to announce that Paloma Harrington-Griffin, founder and director, has swept the board in the IAHSP®’s Best of Home Staging Awards 2020.

In 2019 Paloma was honoured with one award – for excellence in Industry Leadership – but has blown herself out of the water this year by receiving the trifecta.

The IAHSP® told Paloma:

“You make our industry more professional with what you do to serve clients, stage with quality, and serve our industry members in leadership roles.”

Let’s break down the awards – there’s three categories.


Staging Excellence Award

Paloma Harrington-Griffin’s talent for staging, dedication to her craft, and expectation-exceeding work bagged her this award.

Candidates are nominated by the public, who has seen a selection of the candidate’s best work.

Take a look at some of Paloma’s latest work below:

Credits: Halebourne Group


Industry Leadership

Paloma’s qualifications for this award are numerous.

She founded the HSA UK & Ireland (which celebrated its second birthday this April!), has contributed continuously to the IAHSP® and IAHSP® Europe, and co-founded the Brazilian Home Staging School Núcleo de Home Staging.

Not to mention, Paloma has been instrumental in creating the upcoming HSA UK & Ireland Accreditation Programmes.


Wowza. That’s an entire industry’s worth of talent – and Paloma is at the top.

The HSA UK & Ireland is looking forward to more phenomenal achievements in 2021, and to seeing Paloma continue to lead the home staging industry onward and upward.

Author: ltiwebHome