I am a Grade-A procrastinator and textbook entrepreneur. Out of 100, my patience is zero and my passion is, you guessed it, 100! Which means that I have a tendency to start something and get distracted by the things that will make money or involve “exciting business ideas” and research.


So, learning about the Pomodoro technique has shaped the way that I plan my office days, so much so that I thought I would share it with you.


Pomodoro? Yes, Tomato!


The Pomodoro technique is a time management tool, which asks you to go “all in” on one specific task for a shorter burst of time. I am always guilty of “just” checking my emails or “just” scrolling properties on Rightmove… with the “just” quickly snowballing into a full afternoon activity. Using the Pomodoro technique I can be strict and focused, diarising my Pomodero slot, setting a timer and getting the job done! It is amazing how much you can get done when you put all your concentration into one thing for a shorter burst.


Named after the tomato-shaped kitchen timer of the 1980s, the technique has 3 main elements.


You go all-in on one task for 25 minutes.


After the 25 minutes, you take a 5-minute break.


After your fourth set of 25 minutes – you take a 15-minute break.


Sounds simple, by man does it work!


What time management tools work for you? Let me know on Instagram @nataliestages.


Natalie Evans is an HSA Founding Member. She runs Little Barn Door and shares her insights, news and tips monthly here at the HSA website.

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