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Hello June!  Please may you bring great news and opportunity to us all as we (hopefully) start to close the door on what has been an unsettling Springtime.

Seeing the early restart of the property industry and shuffles back into the working world has made me question, why?


Why are we all doing what we do? What are our drivers?

Everyone reading this will have a different goal, a different vision and a different story that got them to do what they are doing today. But, can you honestly remember what that is and why you started?


As tough as Springtime lockdown may have felt, it has given us an opportunity to pause…..and restart. Something which never happens once your business is in motion, so take time in these early returns to ask these questions to yourself.


Whilst on lockdown, I did a 5-day Business Mastermind Challenge with Nick Bradley, Scale up you Business, and one of the early challenges was this exact question.


And, do you know what? I couldn’t honestly answer it.


I spent hours, peeling away my perfected “sales pitch” answers about “changing the market”, “changing people’s lives” and “enhancing the saleability of homes”, until eventually I got down to the truth of MY why.


FAMILY.  Yes, I am mind-blowingly passionate about the power of Home Staging and believe deeply in every detail of my business’ mission to change the property industry and change lives….but the core driver for my determination and push to go further despite challenges, is my family.   I know that my contribution as a business owner is having a direct impact on our ability to achieve our family goals, and for me, there is no greater, why!


There is no wrong or right answer for your vision or your why. It is yours.


But there is so much wrong with not knowing what it is. Uncovering your truthful why, will give you the power, the grit and the determination to push.

Worth a read – Simon Sinek “Start with Why”

Worth a listen – Rachel Hollis Rise Podcast #146

Worth a look – Staging your Vision Workbook by the HSA, available for HSA Members on the Resources page.

Stay positive

Natalie x



Natalie Evans is an HSA Founding Member. She runs Little Barn Door and shares her insights, news and tips monthly here at the HSA website.

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