The Home Staging Association UK & Ireland is proud to announce the release of the Home Staging Report 2020.

The report takes a deep-dive into property professionals’ Home Staging stats for 2020, and, due to its imperative importance, analyses the effect of COVID-19, lockdown, and the market freeze on the Home Staging industry.

Let’s compare 2019 to 2020. Last year’s report saw an immense 77% of property developers agree that, yes, the staging was a sound investment. That is to say, the cost of staging was recouped by the offer value increase.

In 2020, however, it’s a different story. Only 57% of property professionals saw a return on investment.

A drastic drop. Thanks to COVID’s mitigating input on the housing market, there’s been a reduction in property values across the board. However, that’s not exactly an unexpected outcome of a global pandemic.

It seems as if property professionals’ values are shifting. Maximising offer value is still important, but less so. In 2020, agents and developers are concerned with regaining at least their initial investment, however, they’re of a mind to do this in the shortest period of time.

After all, 71% of property professionals expressed that they engaged a Home Stager from the outset of marketing a property in 2020’s report. That’s an increase of 5% over figures from 2019.

The price slump has, it seems, made sellers more anxious to shift their properties. Beau Property, of East Sussex, depicts this wonderfully.

In a case study shared with the HSA, Beau spoke of a frankly stagnant property – two years on the market with little interest! – which they revitalised in March of 2020.

The light, airy reception room required an intimate understanding of open-plan spatial designation.

A grey, cream, and mellow blue palate provide gentle definition to what could be a homogenized reception quarter. The colours do not, critically, segregate the large, angular space into cordoned-off zones. Beau Property evidently took pains to subtly traverse their three, muted colours – and the effect is rigorously homely.

After 2 long years on the market, Beau saw the property sold within only a scant few months. No wonder!

The Home Staging Report 2020 features a plethora of case studies like this – along with data of the utmost interest to any Home Staging professional – and is available right now. Visit our homepage to download it or to order the hard copies.



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