In interior design, low ceilings can be a setback. Without the right design tactic, the room may feel small. This entails the use of low profile ceiling fans with light and other kinds of lighting to avoid. This guide provides low ceiling lighting ideas on how to brighten a small room with a low ceiling.
With a low ceiling and inappropriate design techniques, a small room is bound to look cramped up. However, there are several tricks to brighten up the room and even make it look bigger. Below are a few tips.

Recessed Lights/Flush Mounted Lights
An interesting way to light up a room with a small ceiling is with the use of recessed lighting. It’s constructed and affixed to the ceiling as opposed to placing it on top of it. Thus, it occupies a little space or no vertical area in your room. Recessed lighting maintains the ceiling level and helps create the illusion that the ceilings are higher. Also, several recessed lights can be placed throughout the room to brighten the atmosphere. To make the best out of this, you may kindly employ the use of the best wide-angle bulbs. It doesn’t matter what size recessed lights for a low ceiling is used so far as it is flush-mounted.

This can be achieved with scones and floor lamps. They help to create a fragmentation of large ceilings. You are advised to select effective and efficient devices that channel lighting upward, such as a table or floor lamps with wall scones, bright bulbs, and open tops and.

Ceiling fans
Rooms need ceiling fans, whether functional or decorative. However, it is important to use flush mount fans/hugger fans or any other low profile ceiling fans with lights as they do not take so much vertical space.

Spread the light around
It might be tempting to use one light source because it’s a small room. While that light source may light up the room, it makes the room look very small and even smaller than it is. Instead, use multiple light sources at strategic points like in awkward corners and recesses. As mentioned in the New York Times, awkward and empty corners can be fixed with an oversized floor lamp.

Strategically Place Your Overhead Light
Chandeliers and overhead lighting look pretty, and just because your ceiling is low doesn’t mean you can’t use one. It has to be strategically placed; avoid placing them on pathways. They are more appropriate over a dining table or central tables.


To sum it up, there are so many design tricks and strategies for making a small room with low ceilings look bigger. It’s all about placing different things in strategic locations to create the perfect illusion. From huge mirrors to stripped rugs, the possibilities are endless. Do you make use of ceiling lights in your compact apartments? Kindly tell us how stoning they are.



About the Author: Archie Adams is a lighting expert at The Interior Deco, a lightbulb company in Italy and a father of two kids. Before embarking on a career in interior decoration, he studied in Oxford, where he obtained his Masters of Business Administration. He is a chess player and lover of animals.



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