As the clocks go back and the days become shorter, darker mornings and evenings will return and less natural light will illuminate our homes each day. In these cold and dark winter months, it’s more essential than ever to invest in excellent lighting features to brighten your days and your home. From glass chandeliers to metal sconces to extravagant lamps, here are our top lighting picks for Winter 2020.


Organic Materials
A trend popular across the entire interior design world, using natural materials like wood and stone are seriously on-trend. Utilise this feature for modern chandeliers with a rustic touch or combine with beautiful linen shades for table and floor lamps. These organic pieces will add a natural yet unique look and feel to your rooms keeping them grounded in earthy tones. – Large Round Wooden Orb Chandelier – £549.00 – Terracotta Two Tone Stone Textured Lamp with Beige Shade – £64.00


Modern Brass
Brass light fixtures deliver a modern take on traditional metals. With a choice of matte or high shine finish, the warm tones of brass pendants and chandeliers add a subtle but elegant aspect to your rooms. Pair with natural materials and textures like marble and dark woods for a sophisticated yet warm feel as we head into the cold, winter months. Trident Brass Ceiling Light Pendant – £90 – Brass Wall Light – £145.00

Feature Pieces
Bigger is better as we head into the winter months. Rather than being a purely functional aspect of your home, lighting is a major design element within your rooms. Make a feature out of big, dramatic, bold pieces like oversized ceiling lights and extravagant table lamps to add a touch of modernity to your space while creating plenty of light for dark winter evenings. – Large Industrial Pendant Lamp Fresy – £134.10 – Helston Chandelier Large Ceiling Light – £425.00


Lighting can be the missing link which ties a room together, as you can manipulate your home’s atmosphere through where you position your lights and which fixtures you use. Combining functionality and art, utilise your lamps, lampshades, chandeliers and even bulbs to create a statement as they illuminate your home.

Author: ltiwebHome