Education is a vital step towards professional growth and development, as well as the strengthening and wider recognition of the home staging industry. A fundamental part of becoming a home stager is training and enhancing your eye for detail and design. To put it simply, gaining an accreditation adds to your credibility as a home stager and legitimizes your expertise and knowledge within the field.


Similarly, Accreditation is the next step for members who are looking to differentiate themselves and gain market share by using the accreditation process to benchmark themselves.


What is the HSA Accreditation?

HSA Accreditation is a process whereby an HSA Accredited Stager is assessed against pre-determined criteria and standards to show they have reached the required level of expertise in Home Staging. The HSA Accreditation is targeted towards active members of the Home Staging Association and industry, who have undertaken the required training and/or gathered a significant portfolio that reflects their experience and credibility.

Accreditation Criteria

To start your journey as an HSA Accredited Stager, you must:

•    Be an HSA Member
•    Have completed a pre-determined number of projects
•    Have accumulated a certain number of accredited training credits
•    Have completed the minimum number of hours of CPD activity
•    Submit your portfolio
•    Be able to substantiate how you track the success of your staging

About the Programmes

HSA is launching two new accreditation programmes to support and accredit Staging professionals as well as education providers. The programmes have been designed by experts in the field such as Paloma Harrington-Griffin, Founding Director of the Home Staging Association UK and Ireland, and Elaine Penhaul, Senior Advisor for Coaching and Professional Development. The two programmes are:

  1. HSA Accredited Education Providers Programme: courses, training and education providers, in general, can apply
  2. HSA Accredited Stagers Programme: staging companies and individuals (home staging professionals) can apply


The HSA has developed an exhaustive selection programme for Home Staging education providers, which includes the assessment of the provider’s courses curriculum, didactic, class materials and policies. Each Education Provider can apply to become an HSA Accredited Education Provider. Should the educational provider meet the requirements, the provider will receive an Accredited status.


HSA Accreditation Benefits

•    You get to enjoy all existing HSA member benefits in addition to:
•    Use of the HSA Accredited Stager designation
•    Use of HSA Accredited Stager logo
•    Certificate of HSA Accredited Stager
•    Professional recognition and benchmarking
•    Reputation building




The HSA Accredited Stager Programme will launch in September, so stay tuned!

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