From shelves to mirrors to photos to tapestries, we take you through the best ways to dress up any blank wall.


The most basic way to decorate a blank wall: hang some artwork on it. From large canvases to metalwork sculptures, to minimalist prints, the pieces you choose will alter the look and feel of your room. Use the rule of three to hang three similar, large pieces across the wall, or go even further with an entire gallery wall of prints and photos to turn your blank wall into an interior design collage; grouping artwork is a simple way to create a big impact.


Get blankets, tapestries or quilts out of your cupboard and onto your wall. Wall hangings create a relaxed, bohemian vibe and can be coordinated with your room’s upholstery for cohesion within your space. Large textiles can cover your blank walls in cover, without having to commit to painting or wallpapering; if you redecorate, simply exchange your wall hanging for one which better suits your room’s new design.


Hang a large mirror, or even a collection of smaller ones, across your blank wall to instantly add depth to your space, making your rooms feel larger and brighter. With different shapes, frames and sizes, mirrors are an interesting and functional decoration for your walls. Either hang them up at head height or prop them against the wall for a more relaxed look.

Photo Wall
Showcase your memories by hanging photos of family and friends all over your blank wall. Print your favourite images to create your spread, then add further character by choosing a variety of frames to display them in. Mixing up frames of different sizes, colours and materials will turn your wall of photos into a stunning statement, instantly adding character to your home and making it unique to you. For an elegant, minimalist feel, display your pictures in black and white to create cohesion across your photo wall.


Hanging multiple pieces across your wall can be nerve-wracking, so why not opt for floating shelves instead. An alternative to the gallery wall, arranging your art on shelves will create one gallery line of pieces and allow you to decorate with small objects like plants and vases as well as prints, photos and paintings. Plus, if you want to change your wall, simply swap out the art and objects sat on your shelves for new ones and rearrange easily whenever you like.

Like a blank canvas, a blank wall is a perfect opportunity to add artistic flair to your room if you dress it up in the right way. However, you style your wall, put your own personal touch on it to make your home unique, homely and stylish.

Author: ltiwebHome