2020 has seen our work and leisure worlds condensed. With the home set to remain the sole refuge for so many in the months ahead, hopes of a summer getaway drift further into the abyss. What is often forgotten is the home as an inhabited space, reimagining indoor spaces can allow us to imagine it in a more playful way, adaptable to our moods and desires.


Holidays are a time to slow down and pay attention to our surroundings. What kind of holiday would you most like to replicate? Whether it be tropical paradise or country retreat that is top your list, that holiday feeling can be unlocked with a just a few special touches.



Now, a redesign can be as minimal or as extreme as you like. Simply rearranging furniture can bring about a complete rediscovery of space, utilising its nooks and crannies to really enhance its best features. Alternatively, a more hands-on approach might involve a focus on one room, stripping it back and building your dream holiday space from there. A fresh minimalist look using neutral colours and statement pieces to enhance the natural features of the room (perhaps you have spacious high ceilings or natural wood floors) creates that classic coastal feel.



Our holiday wardrobes are often a meticulously planned affair, filled with pieces to take us from day to night, we leave no room for a faux pas. Taking the same methodical approach to space, a considered colour palette can define the mood of our staycation. Painterly prints can establish a Mediterranean vibe for example; wherever you desire to be, colour is fundamental in enriching our sense of place.


Al Fresco Dining

The sights and smells of our holidays are often what evoke such an emotional response from us in tales to friends and family. Dining takes on a ritual quality, an immersive cultural experience, particularly when outdoors. Details from outdoor seating to table design and glassware all contribute to the ideal al fresco experience. Mismatched textures and patterns are reflective of hazy days and beautiful floor cushions are reminiscent of long summer nights, the garden becomes a retreat, worlds away from your newly established home office.

And so, holiday desires need not take a back seat this summer. These three simple steps can be used as a framework to establish a state of rest and relaxation in your home. Furthering our grasp of design and using the season as inspiration, this is a great way to celebrate our homes and lift post-lockdown spirits.

Author: ltiwebHome