Are you design-savvy, with an interest and talent in interior design, looking for a small business to startup? If the answer is yes, then you are the ideal candidate. The Home Staging Industry is one that does not require high start-up costs and is one with great potential for growth and success. We have designed a list of FAQs that can help you decide if a Home Staging business is for you:


What do Home Stagers Do?

Home Staging Professionals transform weary-looking houses into ones potential buyers can envision themselves in. This then increases the opportunity for sale and increases the price of the home, as it looks taken care of. In order to do so, Home Stagers tend to remove, add or rearrange furniture to enhance the house’s best features, and add small accessories like artwork, flowers and colourful textiles to bring it to life.


How Much do Home Stagers Earn?

Home Stagers can earn anything between £500 to a whopping £5,000 per project depending on a number of factors including:

• The size of the home (i.e. the square foot)
• The number of rooms to be staged
• The current state of the house and the amount of labour required


How do I Start My Own Home Staging Business?

1. Understand Your Consumers – Research your local housing market in order to ensure the designs and architectural styles match the area you are serving; different areas will require different design strategies.

2. Choose a Target Market – You may want to focus on one market segment, e.g. apartment building owners looking to rent apartments quickly. Whatever target market you choose, make it clear.

3. Name and License Your Business – Choose an official name for your business that communicates what you do and get licensed.

4. Connect With Real Estate Agents – The quickest way to connect with home sellers is through their real estate agents. This is because they are equally keen to sell the listed houses at premium prices.

5. Create an Online Presence – The consumers of today spend the majority of their times online; thus this is the best way to reach them. Build a website that communicates your services and vision. Make sure you add a portfolio of work you have done.

6. Build a Pricing Structure – Determine price quotations that incorporate the labour required, the furniture needed and the investments you are making.

7. Connect with Other Professionals – Reach out and become a part of professional platforms and groups like HSA and other international organizations like IAHSP. This can help you become acknowledged and can grow your business.


What are the Advantages of Starting a Home Staging Business?

• Low start-up costs and minimal costs for running the business
• Home Staging is a beneficial service that is not influenced by seasons or by economic recessions (i.e. Covid-19)
• No training or expertise is required; a passion and eye for design/decoration is enough to get you started
• Easy to market your efforts with great networking opportunities with real estate agents


What are the Challenges Faced by Home Staging Professionals?

• Explaining the value and financial benefit of staging a home for a quicker sale at a premium price
• Reaching out to your first clients can take time and effort
• Time-consuming; clients might reach out to you during weekends and evenings and you should be accessible at all times


Covid-19 will provide home stagers with a golden opportunity to prosper and excel; thus, it might be the time to invest in starting a Home Staging Business.



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