The Home Staging Association is the most active and thriving community in the UK and Ireland. The HSA offers support, information, material and networking opportunities and also promotes your activity towards more recognition. The Association has different membership plans, tailored to support professionals through their journey. Some of these include: business listing and founding member, offering alternative benefits depending on the needs of their clients.

There are 4 fundamental benefits HSA can offer your business:

1. Support

The Association supports professionals and the industry through the promotion of the activity in an environment of collaboration and professionalism. In so doing, it provides your business with the tips, tricks and tools to thrive and become a key player in the Home Staging industry.

2. Exposure

As an affiliated professional, a common voice gives you credibility to promote Home Staging, ensuring a meaningful place in the market, a presence at fairs and events, and collaboration with other associations, industries and professionals. HSA not only exposes your business to others in the field, but also exposes the industry as a whole.

3. Learning

Through the support and exposure opportunities that the HSA brings your business, it offers you a learning journey comprised of expert advice and industry insight. With different members bouncing ideas off one another, sharing what has worked for them, and what they do, it brings you closer to the industry and together, we are stronger.

4. Networking

Joining the Association allows you to connect with other professionals, obtaining enriching information that will help you substantially grow your business. With more than 100 members, this is a great platform to engage in industry conversations with professionals.


With Home Staging prospering post-COVID-19, it is crucial that Home Staging businesses receive the support, exposure, knowledge and networking opportunities they need. Joining a large platform of like-minded, dedicated professionals will undoubtedly thrive your business. The networking HSA is popular for has helped several business owners develop their businesses and understand what works best for the industry.


Join HSA today and become a part of something bigger and better.


About the Home Staging Association UK & Ireland

The Home Staging Association UK & Ireland connects professionals, suppliers and partners to promote the home staging industry. Founded by Accredited Home Staging Expert Paloma Harrington-Griffin, the HSA has grown from a handful of professionals to an extensive network pioneering greater growth, knowledge, and innovation in the industry.
The Home Staging Association UK & Ireland provides training, information and support to home staging professionals and is proud to be the only official IAHSP® affiliated association in the United Kingdom & Ireland.


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Home Staging Association UK & Ireland

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