The novel coronavirus, Covid-19, continues to alter the way we do business and to impact several businesses. On the contrary, Home Staging is expected to boom post-coronavirus. Since the spread of this virus, the property market’s prices have remarkably dropped and are expected to further depreciate. To quantify this, according to the Telegraph, property prices have decreased by 1.7% from March to April, marking its sharpest drop since 2009. To avoid the devaluation of your property and for it to be parked on the market for a long time, homeowners and agents should consider investing in home staging, to show your property’s best features.


With property prices dropping, the Guardian noticed a great interest amongst potential buyers. Real estate portal Rightmove reported that following the ease of the UK’s lockdown measures, their website has seen 5.2 million visitors. While it is still too early to predict the outcome of the coronavirus on property prices, estate agents like Knight Frank and Savills are expecting a 3-5% drop in prices in 2020, and an increase of 4-5% in 2021.


In order to increase your property’s chance and price of sale, home staging is a great investment. Research by Staged Homes found that 91% of staged homes sell within one month. Similarly, they reported that a staged home can witness an increase of 6-20% in value. Investing in home staging can offer home sellers with a great return on investment, particularly with property prices plummeting. Staging a home can help attract potential buyers; according to research by the National Association of Realtors, 83% of buyers’ agents reported that they are able to envision themselves in their future home.


Here are some home staging benefits:

•    Highlighting the house’s best features and hiding its flaws
•    Basic enough to attract different tastes
•    A quick sale is guaranteed
•    Differentiates you amongst competitors
•    Invites more viewers
•    Helps increase your asking price


In recent years, home staging has increased in popularity because of its guaranteed results, particularly with the notable drop in property market prices. Staging a home is less costly than your first price reduction and thus, it is well-spent money… the data speaks for itself!


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