Home Staging Association UK & Ireland is pleased to announce the winners of the prestigious Home Staging Awards 2020!

The huge pool of entrants was whittled down – with much um-ing and ah-ing – by a panel of the industry’s finest judges. The result?

One shortlist. It featured, in total, over 65 competitors across five categories.

However, as the adage goes: it never rains but it pours. If the HSA’s judges thought shortlisting was hard, choosing winners rock-solid.

The coveted trophies weren’t easy to allocate, but, here we are: five categories, five deserving winners!

Without further ado – the winners of the Home Staging Awards 2020.


Best Virtual Staging

Taking the prize for our first category – arguably one of the most important for 2020 – is Casa e Progetti. Their North London project really caught the judges eyes. Here’s what Casa e Progetti had to say:

“We were asked by a Developer to create a scheme that would entice young and family buyers to a four-bed family home in North London.



We created a neutral scheme to show off the space but introduced feature walls, patterns and colours to grab a buyer’s attention.



“We thoroughly enjoyed putting this Virtual Staging project together and the plot sold within 3 days of the release. Great result!”


Best Holiday Let

This group was bustling with competitors, after all, holiday lets are the bread and butter of many European staging businesses.

Nonetheless, judges settled on Sienna Interiors for the top spot! They divulged their process for this project in detail:

“[This was an] inherited family home built in 1970 by the owner’s father. The clients’ brief was to update the property to attract a holiday home clientele that would maximise the return on her investment.


“The coastal views were crucial in the marketing of this business. Minimal window treatments were used to enhance the views combined with a restful colour scheme and coastal accents to attract the online viewer.

“The kitchen was replaced & designed for the self-caterer whilst the open plan dining and living spaces were enhanced by furniture placement, accessories and lighting. Styling was focused to highlight the room’s best features.”

Best Transformation (Occupied Property)

A space can change so much with the help of a competent stager, and as such, the next two awards celebrate Home Staging metamorphosis.


Judges fought tooth-and-nail over the occupied half of Best Transformation, and eventually struck gold with Anna Home Styling’s offering.

AHS, our winner, said:

“[This project was a] 3-bedroom, 1930’s semi-detached house. We staged the kitchen/dining room, living room and bedroom. 

“The clients gave us a free hand to stage this house, but they didn’t want to replace existing furniture. We drastically decluttered all the rooms prior to staging. 

“We introduced only a few of our own accessories to produce a calm, inviting space.”




Best Transformation (Vacant)

Continuing the transformation party, the second in this category saw applicants submit before and after shots from the starkest of pre-staged homes – the sort that can leave a stager scratching their head and muttering: ‘How on earth will I turn this around?’

Judges sought out the pinnacle of transformation, however, deciding on Atelier ADA for pole position! Here’s what Atelier divulged:

“Completed in 48 hours including a photoshoot.


“Please watch our video as it is crucial to the success of this project and to our approach. Staging to me is a marketing strategy!


“This property has been stagnating on the market for two years and found a tenant (rent £21,666.67 pcm) only six weeks after staging with Atelier ADA!


“By staging this property and producing this video we flipped the perception received during the visits (not very attractive views… estate agent reported to me that viewers were focusing on the view from the windows – not very attractive especially for this tag price).



“I achieved that first by showing how brilliant and unique is the internal space (once furnished), but also by anchoring the property in its fantastic neighbourhood, and drawing the attention to the outstanding development it belongs to and all the benefits of that (security, porter, gym, spa, etc.).



“It took me 1 year to convince this client to spend the money but I persevered. On this occasion, I had my usual pitch “The Power of Home Staging” including statistics from our previous projects translated to Russian and sent to him.”


Best Staging Project

Now for the biggie.

Deciding this category is tough stuff for the judges – year in, year out – but somehow, despite all the odds, they pin down genuine Home Staging nirvana. That’s why the HSA UK & Ireland are proud to announce the winner of 2020’s most coveted award is:

Atelier ADA!

The fight to the top was entrancing, so let’s hear how Atelier strove to success:

“This is an ultra-modern project that I am very proud to unveil to all of you.



“Our client is a famous British music producer now based in LA. He created this property 30 years ago but was renting it out for the last 20 years… You can imagine the condition it was in!”


“My client’s brief was to help him ‘sell the dream’. I hope to have created just that. ‘The modernist vision’ of a true piece of architecture; one that is carved in a historical building.”




Congratulations to all winners, and thank you to the multitudes that participated. The Home Staging Association UK & Ireland is looking forward to another close competition in 2021.

Author: ltiwebHome