Great Tips from Fantastic Services for that Perfect Pre-Stage Clean

In a never ending sea of cleaning product brands offering specialised detergents for every nook and cranny in your home, buying the right one can turn from a normal task to a Lord of the Rings adventure.

With that being said, many people tend to skip the whole “read the label” process and decide to end their suffering with a multi-purpose cleaning agent. The problem with these kinds of products is that they don’t actually do the “dirty work” for you.

Basically, a multi-purpose product only disinfects, which is definitely not the same as cleaning. If you find asking yourself the question “When did home cleaning turn into such a mind-boggling challenge?”, then you might want to seek alternatives.


Simple everyday household tasks like washing the dishes, hoovering the carpet or ironing clothes may not seem like a treat to your free time BUT! Did you know that if you added up all those precious minutes you spend on unpleasant chores, you would be looking at about 21 hr of scrubbing, hoovering, and ironing?

If you are still not convinced, let’s break it down: The average person wastes 1 hr 08 mins cleaning the bathroom and almost 2 hr taking care of dirty clothes. And let’s not start with how time-consuming and downright nasty is oven cleaning and window washing. Needless to say, if you want to put an end your cleaning days, your best bet is to hire a regular cleaner.

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