Moving is overwhelming, so think of it as broken down into the ‘three Ps’: planning, preparation and packing.


As soon as you’ve got the green light that you are moving, get your planning underway. This will help avoid any last-minute rushing or stress around unforeseen problems as the move gets closer.

Plan for the following now:

  • Costs: This means everything from mortgage fees and stamp duty, to removals and storage. Be realistic when it comes to your budget and factor in a financial buffer.
  • Removals: Get a number of different quotes and check availability.
  • Personal admin: Inform all relevant parties of your impending change of address – that’s everyone from the doctors to the DVLA. Royal Mail’s redirection service allows to you redirect your post for up to 12 months.
  • Storage: If you require storage, get it booked in early. This way you can factor in costs as well as the logistics of moving your things there.

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Author: ltiwebHome