CUBIQZ Clever Cardboard Creations is the brainchild of Cindy van Dijk and Katinka Kolenaar. As an interior designer, Cindy focused for years on decorating vacant properties with real furniture and Katinka has a background in the textile industry. It all started with decorating and selling model homes, where they constantly encountered challenges such as: long delivery times, high warehouse costs, hiring manpower, dragging heavy furniture….

From this practical experience and own ideas about decorating, they started to create a Modular Cardboard Design Concept which should make Home Staging a lot easier.

From Cardboard to Concept

They started to develop a Cardboard Kitchen and immediately noticed the benefits. In practice, normally everybody opted for a “safe” standard setup but with the realistic CUBIQZ modules they could play with setups and show all the possibilities of the kitchen space. The very competitive purchase price, the delivery of just a few days and the fact that an entire kitchen fits in the trunk of a car, made Home Staging with cardboard a very interesting option.

And then there was CUBIQZ

The Cardboard Kitchens worked out very well, so they started to create also Cardboard Furniture such like sofas, beds and chairs.

It all seems so simple: a few cardboard boxes with a fabric cover for it and it’s done but it turned out not to be that simple. They have thought carefully about sustainability, cost, assembly, and of course transportation. And as the products may be used several times, they must be able to take a beating. In addition, the concept is constructed in a way that all pieces of furniture can be put together with only 10 different box sizes!

Whether it is for the visualization of kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms or offices; cardboard proves itself with CUBIQZ as a powerful and clever marketing tool.

What makes CUBIQZ unique

CUBIQZ is a unique concept, protected by Design Registration at the European Union Intellectual Property Office. Cindy & Katinka are proud to have conceived, developed and launched something that did not exist: Cardboard Furniture for Home Staging.
It’s outfitted with photorealistic prints and special custom-made slipcovers in varying colors. So Home Stagers always works with up-to-date products and have the possibility to create a different décor each time. They supply a complete decoration concept for a property: cardboard decoration for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and offices. Over the years they have worked hard to design smart constructions with great ease of use for the customer. Quality and service are priority! And, of course, is an added value that they can be used multiple times.

Can you stage a £1 million house with cardboard furniture?

CUBIQZ products are designed in such a way that the dimensions, seat height and so on are same as real furniture. The realistic measurements, make it easy to fit the pieces in everywhere and therefore also extremely suitable to combine with real and/or existing furniture. It is precisely this combination that makes it possible to create a professional but affordable interior in luxurious exclusive homes. Just take a look at the photos of this stately villa. The metamorphosis is spectacular!

What are the tips to make a house look its best using CUBIQZ furniture?

They always recommend to dress the furniture with real accessories for the best result. The beds can be decorated with bed coverings just like real beds.

The ambitions stretch further:
CUBIQZ started in the Netherlands, but now deliver far beyond the borders to all different countries in Europe and beyond. CUBIQZ and HSA have become partners yielding benefits for members of the HSA: log into your members area to access the exclusive discount for HSA members!

Recently they have also conquered the U.S. market. It allows them to expand their footprint in the Global market of Home Staging Business.



Author: ltiwebHome