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The Podium Show Flat in Cheltenham

Creating a show flat is a dream assignment for an interior designer. Apart from striving for that wow factor when you open the front door, it’s an opportunity to overlook the usual hurdles and boundaries you have to consider when working with an actual client’s home.

A bit like playing with a dolls house; where you don’t really have to put any importance on the everyday functions and practicality of the living space; only creating an interior so warm, so inviting that the potential buyers can’t wait to experience for themselves the lifestyle and the dreamy space you’ve created.

Where else don’t you have to worry about stain repellent fabrics, or avoid using scratchy embellished silk duvet covers that is dry clean only; crystal that has to be hand washed and glass table tops that show every mark?

Off white velvet dining chairs? Be my guest.

Mirrored bedside tables? No problem. As a matter of fact, it’s encouraged, together with other shiny surfaces that reflect the light.

Without having to consider a client’s brief, it’s an opportunity to play out these fantasies and just concentrate on the visual aspect of the environment.

Think overstuffed feather cushions, soft mohair throws and the champagne on (fake) ice, it’s as close to creating a theatre set as you will ever come.

“Without having to consider a client’s brief, it’s an opportunity to play out these fantasies and just concentrate on the visual aspect of the environment.”

Don’t forget adding the small details that makes the space luxurious, such as room diffusers, padded hangers in the closets, fluffy bathrobes and slippers in the bathroom. Use good quality silk plants and flowers to add life and coziness.

A few large, statement accessories is better than a lot of clutter. Black/white oversized coffee table books always work.

The downside is that the show flat has to appeal to all kind of tastes, so there is really no guideline to follow. If your target market is an older couple down sizing or a young executive’s bachelor pad, it’s your job to make sure the space appeals to them both, and that can be tricky.

Avoid putting your personal taste and ideas into a project is hard, and in creating a show flat more so.

Strong, bold colours can be off-putting for some buyers, and too many patterns can make the space seem smaller and confusing. Stick to neutrals, perhaps using a fashionable accent colour to pop the decor scheme.

Lightning is key, use of LED strips to accentuate bookcases and under counters is an inexpensive way to add exclusivity to the project. Mirrored walls and doors will not only look expensive but allow buyers thinking the space is much bigger. Works really well for narrow, dark hallways, as will the use of low level recessed wall lights.

If the budget allows, put all the lights on dimmer switches, so that even on a bright sunny day you get that extra diffused light coming through.

Remember: all details will count when creating the perfect show flat, so be resourceful and creative – you can’t go wrong.

Author: ltiwebHome