Coronavirus and COVID-19 have sadly become new additions to our everyday vocabulary. They are the focus of our attention, our choice of viewing and our main topic of conversation.


The uncertain times of COVID-19 have impacted the property market no less than any other, with buyers and sellers both equally affected. For businesses, it required them to rethink some of their strategies to cater to both sides of the property market in what are unprecedented circumstances requiring creative thinking and innovative technologies. The technologies of today allow us to consider innovative ways to maintain usual business activities, in our case home viewings, to reach potential buyers through a different medium.


The digital advances of today can be used to our business’ benefit. Homes can be filmed in 360 degrees videos allowing potential buyers to grasp and envision their life within that space. By incorporating simple yet effective online features, the Home Staging business can maintain its position in the market and save itself from a recession. The wellbeing of employees, buyers and sellers is our highest priority and thus, it is crucial that we all work together through this global pandemic.


With many people self-isolating to protect themselves and others, this will undoubtedly have a notable impact on home viewing and property selling. Buyers and sellers do not want strangers viewing their homes during these times, which will reduce the amount of buying and selling in the property market; however, the prices are expected to remain stagnant.


COVID-19 has also given us an opportunity to slow down, unplug and think more clearly. As Home Staging professionals, we should use the time to prepare contingency plans and to reconsider our businesses strategies. It is also a time of reflection; what has your business been doing really well? What can improve? What did not work? Why did it not work? What are your plans for the future?


This global pandemic caught us all by surprise and therefore, it is important that we stay patient during those times. As we are unsure how long this is likely to last and social distancing is encouraged, the use of virtual tools to deliver similar services is highly recommended.


The health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, buyers and sellers has always been a top priority. As a community we can navigate and overcome those uncertain times by protecting ourselves and others. We are available for any kind of support through our social media platforms and website.


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Author: ltiwebHome