Listening to Client Needs – The Turing Collection

When the concept of sort style and stage was created, this was on the basis that at our core was a passion for everything house and home. This passion remains to this very day. Having been a developer, landlord and property stager in all its guises (property staging, home staging and virtual staging) our business continues to grow.

We are thrilled to be launching our first furniture collection - The Turing Collection. This came about because of our clients were asking for something more – so we stepped in and began on our journey developing a collection. On that journey, we had the needs of our clients in mind - those:

- developers who recognise the need to separate themselves from the crowd and offer an innovative turn key solution to their buyers
- inventors who seek a quality product which in turn increases their rental yield whether they are in the build to rent, landlords as well as serviced accommodation
- home owners who seek to create their forever home

The Turing Collection is aspirational, high quality and incredibly versatile and ticks all the needs of the above clients. It’s also scalable or can be tailored to suit each particular client's need.

Our Founder, Ceri Owen, says:

"This is an incredible moment for our business - it has been a long time in the planning. We've been listening to our clients and are incredibly proud to be launching our first furniture collection - The Turing Collection. We hope that you too will fall in love with this high quality, scalable and aspirational design. "


If you’d like to learn more about this fabulous collection please reach out to

A Lockdown Success by Cranberryhome

Milton Keynes based Cranberryhome, an HSA Member, is a leading Interior Design and Home Staging company that has been providing services that help to sell properties for years now.

Hugo Fleming, a House Doctor Consultant, is the Design Director behind the company's success and has shared with us their latest successful project, which turned out to be another fantastic lockdown case.

Cranberryhome's clients Alan and Gayle, from Ontario, Canada, were thrilled to share their review about working with Hugo and his team:

"We have just sold our flat in Bletchley, which was no mean feat as we live in Canada. Hugo (Cranberryhome) handled everything for us, from an initial inspection, disposal of furniture, redecoration, replacement of carpets and staging with new furniture etc. And we didn't have to leave Canada. We had a great offer within 2 weeks of posting it with a local Estate Agent, recommended by Hugo who actually got us 3 estimates. We can't speak more highly for the service provided by Cranberryhome and would recommend them anytime. Thanks Hugo and the team." - Alan & Gayle, Ontario

Stats for this property are as follows:

  • Valued at £210k £230 and £240K by 3 agents
  • Clients chose Agent at £240K and took Cranberryhome's advice to sell with the furniture package of £2400. Sold in 2 weeks with furniture for £235k
  • 2 near identical flats in the same block were on for £200k and £210k and were still for sale last time we looked and were on the market before our apartment having already taken a lower asking price suggestion from agents.

Huge success during difficult times - it's the power of Home Staging in numbers!

Want to learn more about Cranberryhome and how they can assist you with your property? Please visit their website:

Case Study: Pearl Home Design

I got approached by an investor I worked with in the past to furnish this one-bedroom apartment in Leeds. Designs were created to target working professionals and Pearl Home Design was able to fully stage as Airbnb.

New interior design trends, that are warm, natural neutral was put together, emphasising a homely and cosy feel. The inviting arrangement of furniture in this apartment made a very good first impression as the room gain more space. The advantage of this apartment is beautiful, natural light. The aim of my home staging was to use it to the maximum.

Decorations were used to transform the space into a stunning holiday home. Subtle and smart this is what you need for Airbnb. As a result, the property received 30-day bookings just after listing on Airbnb.

Testimonial from the client:

I worked with Marta for 3 projects in the past 6 months. I occasionally found her online, had a brief call with her, and thought to give it a go. Marta was hands-on, responsible and always pushed extra miles to deliver the best result with our budget in a timely manner. Although Covid has a big hit in our biz, our biz has been so blessed by far and one of the reasons has to be the nice work from Marta so we barely have our property vacant. I believe the business relationship with Marta is ongoing and I’m looking forward to more opportunities to work together very soon.


Learn more about Marta and her work at Pearl Home Design at



Staging of a Family Home For Sale in Blackrock, County Dublin

Marshall Properties was asked to Stage and then sell this family home in Blackrock, Co Dublin.

Despite being a 4 – 5 bedroom detached family home, the original small kitchen allowed little or no space for family dining. This was resolved, relatively inexpensively, by installing a new breakfast bar which now comfortably accommodates 4 diners. This bar surface was then continued around the rest of the kitchen. The original footprint of the entrance hall was so limited that the original front door had to operate as a sliding door.

The hall was extended out into what was the outer porch and a new “proper” front door was installed. The bathroom was also reconfigured and despite its simplicity, the transformation was impressive. The ground floor bedroom was staged as a study. The backdrop to everything was kept neutral to appeal to the widest market.

The staging did the rest. The property quickly sold (and before others in the same area which had already been on the market) and for about €100,000 above the expected result!


Home Staging Awards 2020 - Winners Announced!

Home Staging Association UK & Ireland is pleased to announce the winners of the prestigious Home Staging Awards 2020!

The huge pool of entrants was whittled down - with much um-ing and ah-ing - by a panel of the industry’s finest judges. The result?

One shortlist. It featured, in total, over 65 competitors across five categories.

However, as the adage goes: it never rains but it pours. If the HSA’s judges thought shortlisting was hard, choosing winners rock-solid.

The coveted trophies weren’t easy to allocate, but, here we are: five categories, five deserving winners!

Without further ado - the winners of the Home Staging Awards 2020.


Best Virtual Staging

Taking the prize for our first category - arguably one of the most important for 2020 - is Casa e Progetti. Their North London project really caught the judges eyes. Here’s what Casa e Progetti had to say:

“We were asked by a Developer to create a scheme that would entice young and family buyers to a four-bed family home in North London.



We created a neutral scheme to show off the space but introduced feature walls, patterns and colours to grab a buyer’s attention.



“We thoroughly enjoyed putting this Virtual Staging project together and the plot sold within 3 days of the release. Great result!”


Best Holiday Let

This group was bustling with competitors, after all, holiday lets are the bread and butter of many European staging businesses.

Nonetheless, judges settled on Sienna Interiors for the top spot! They divulged their process for this project in detail:

“[This was an] inherited family home built in 1970 by the owner’s father. The clients' brief was to update the property to attract a holiday home clientele that would maximise the return on her investment.


“The coastal views were crucial in the marketing of this business. Minimal window treatments were used to enhance the views combined with a restful colour scheme and coastal accents to attract the online viewer.

“The kitchen was replaced & designed for the self-caterer whilst the open plan dining and living spaces were enhanced by furniture placement, accessories and lighting. Styling was focused to highlight the room's best features.”

Best Transformation (Occupied Property)

A space can change so much with the help of a competent stager, and as such, the next two awards celebrate Home Staging metamorphosis.


Judges fought tooth-and-nail over the occupied half of Best Transformation, and eventually struck gold with Anna Home Styling’s offering.

AHS, our winner, said:

“[This project was a] 3-bedroom, 1930's semi-detached house. We staged the kitchen/dining room, living room and bedroom. 

“The clients gave us a free hand to stage this house, but they didn't want to replace existing furniture. We drastically decluttered all the rooms prior to staging. 

“We introduced only a few of our own accessories to produce a calm, inviting space.”




Best Transformation (Vacant)

Continuing the transformation party, the second in this category saw applicants submit before and after shots from the starkest of pre-staged homes - the sort that can leave a stager scratching their head and muttering: ‘How on earth will I turn this around?’

Judges sought out the pinnacle of transformation, however, deciding on Atelier ADA for pole position! Here’s what Atelier divulged:

“Completed in 48 hours including a photoshoot.


“Please watch our video as it is crucial to the success of this project and to our approach. Staging to me is a marketing strategy!


“This property has been stagnating on the market for two years and found a tenant (rent £21,666.67 pcm) only six weeks after staging with Atelier ADA!


“By staging this property and producing this video we flipped the perception received during the visits (not very attractive views... estate agent reported to me that viewers were focusing on the view from the windows - not very attractive especially for this tag price).



“I achieved that first by showing how brilliant and unique is the internal space (once furnished), but also by anchoring the property in its fantastic neighbourhood, and drawing the attention to the outstanding development it belongs to and all the benefits of that (security, porter, gym, spa, etc.).



“It took me 1 year to convince this client to spend the money but I persevered. On this occasion, I had my usual pitch “The Power of Home Staging” including statistics from our previous projects translated to Russian and sent to him.”


Best Staging Project

Now for the biggie.

Deciding this category is tough stuff for the judges - year in, year out - but somehow, despite all the odds, they pin down genuine Home Staging nirvana. That’s why the HSA UK & Ireland are proud to announce the winner of 2020’s most coveted award is:

Atelier ADA!

The fight to the top was entrancing, so let’s hear how Atelier strove to success:

“This is an ultra-modern project that I am very proud to unveil to all of you.



“Our client is a famous British music producer now based in LA. He created this property 30 years ago but was renting it out for the last 20 years... You can imagine the condition it was in!"


“My client's brief was to help him 'sell the dream'. I hope to have created just that. ‘The modernist vision’ of a true piece of architecture; one that is carved in a historical building.”




Congratulations to all winners, and thank you to the multitudes that participated. The Home Staging Association UK & Ireland is looking forward to another close competition in 2021.

How to Dress a Blank Wall

From shelves to mirrors to photos to tapestries, we take you through the best ways to dress up any blank wall.


The most basic way to decorate a blank wall: hang some artwork on it. From large canvases to metalwork sculptures, to minimalist prints, the pieces you choose will alter the look and feel of your room. Use the rule of three to hang three similar, large pieces across the wall, or go even further with an entire gallery wall of prints and photos to turn your blank wall into an interior design collage; grouping artwork is a simple way to create a big impact.


Get blankets, tapestries or quilts out of your cupboard and onto your wall. Wall hangings create a relaxed, bohemian vibe and can be coordinated with your room's upholstery for cohesion within your space. Large textiles can cover your blank walls in cover, without having to commit to painting or wallpapering; if you redecorate, simply exchange your wall hanging for one which better suits your room's new design.


Hang a large mirror, or even a collection of smaller ones, across your blank wall to instantly add depth to your space, making your rooms feel larger and brighter. With different shapes, frames and sizes, mirrors are an interesting and functional decoration for your walls. Either hang them up at head height or prop them against the wall for a more relaxed look.

Photo Wall
Showcase your memories by hanging photos of family and friends all over your blank wall. Print your favourite images to create your spread, then add further character by choosing a variety of frames to display them in. Mixing up frames of different sizes, colours and materials will turn your wall of photos into a stunning statement, instantly adding character to your home and making it unique to you. For an elegant, minimalist feel, display your pictures in black and white to create cohesion across your photo wall.


Hanging multiple pieces across your wall can be nerve-wracking, so why not opt for floating shelves instead. An alternative to the gallery wall, arranging your art on shelves will create one gallery line of pieces and allow you to decorate with small objects like plants and vases as well as prints, photos and paintings. Plus, if you want to change your wall, simply swap out the art and objects sat on your shelves for new ones and rearrange easily whenever you like.

Like a blank canvas, a blank wall is a perfect opportunity to add artistic flair to your room if you dress it up in the right way. However, you style your wall, put your own personal touch on it to make your home unique, homely and stylish.

20 Best White Colours to Paint a Home for the Property Market

While staging a home for the property market, you may recommend your clients update their home with fresh paint. Buyers, designers, and even social media influencers have gravitated in recent years toward white walls with accents of neutrals and charcoal. It’s a colour scheme that is timeless and classic, yet fresh and crisp.

But finding the perfect shade of white can be difficult. Staging Studio, an HSA-recommended home stager training provider, offers a Master Colour Consultant™ certification program that will revolutionize the way you look at and select colours.

You can download Staging Studio’s list of the 20 best white paint colours for FREE! Read on for expert insights into the best white paint colours to paint a home for the property market, and to download the free list.

What is the BEST white paint colour for staging?

As certified Master Colour Consultants™ know, we get asked all of the time to just name the one-size-fits-all paint selection for every situation. Clients will call begging us to give them a colour name over the phone. It’s always an emergency. The painter is coming in the morning and they need to pick something right now.

Don’t we wish it was that easy to choose paint colours?! Here’s the thing – and it may surprise you – white is a colour. Actually, it is a rainbow of all colours. Sir Isaac Newton discovered that when you pass white light through a prism, it splits into the 6 major hues: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet.

So every white paint, unless it is a precisely equal blend of all of the colours, will have an undertone of one or more of those hues. The most commonly used whites fall into one of the following categories: blue whites, true whites, off-whites, and creams.

There is no one-size-fits all white paint.

The moral of the story is that the perfect white paint is the one that works perfectly with the other colours in the space. It must be chosen in the context of the lighting and hard surface selections that it must coexist with. A white that looks clean in one setting will read as blue in another. One that appears warm in one home will appear dingy in another.

Okay – but you came here for some direction on a great white backdrop for your next home staging project. So with your new knowledge about undertones, click here to download a list of the 20 best white paint colours for home staging.

To learn more about choosing the perfect white and reading the undertones in every colour, you won’t want to miss Staging Studio’s presentation, How to Select Colour with Expert Confidence, at the Home Staging Association Online Forum. Staging Studio Co-Founder Debbie Boggs is speaking on 15th October about:

3 Important Ways to Define Colour

How Different Colours Influence Perception of Scale
The Best Colour for Front Doors
When and How to Use Complementary Colours
How to Choose the Best Colours to Work with Any Woodtone
How to Pick the Right White
Understanding Undertones

Staging Studio is the leading training provider and resource for the home staging industry. Click here for more info on their courses, including the online Master Colour Consultant™ certification course.

Hello Darling!

The Room Boutique is delighted to feature in the 2020 autumn edition of the inspiring Darling Magazine and share our ideas and expertise on affordable property presentation.

Our launch has been fruitful and TRB’s early September blog highlights pent up demand currently being experienced locally in Surrey’s property market.

Words below recently shared by a happy customer of The Room Boutique made our day!

"Renovation & Home Styling" Project

"As a family, we used the services of Elise at The Room Boutique to help us with planning a "Renovation & Home Styling" project for our new home we have recently bought in Weybridge. The results were amazing with a very professional and comprehensive plan down to the finest detail. This will enable us to transform the property we have purchased into a warm and inviting family home which we are very excited about. We highly recommend the services of Elise from The Room Boutique and happy to confirm our reference directly with any prospective Home Staging customers."
September 2020 - Neil, Moira & Jess Harper - Weybridge

If you would like to get in touch, please contact us.

We would be delighted to hear about any upcoming projects you may have and how we may be able to assist in future.

Visit our new website: and follow us @theroomboutiquesurrey

We are proud to be HSA members and StagedHomes & CHSSP accredited.

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Staging of a Victorian Home in Dublin for Selling Campaign

Marshall Properties was asked to sell what had been a somewhat run-down, former rental, property in Ranelagh, Dublin 6. Marshall says the job involved arranging minor repair works, redesign and redecoration, before Staging it for the selling campaign. The property is an early Victorian house which has an almost fully glazed extension to the rear which was in stark contrast to the original house.

Time had taken its toll on the property. His task was to bring character and personality into the spaces to create a warmth and a welcome that potential purchasers could relate to. As an aside, similar properties on the road had previously taken almost a year to sell. After Marshall Properties completed the Staging, the house was launched for sale during the Christmas holidays and within 8 weeks the property was Sale Agreed at about €65,000 above the expected selling price, in what was a very quiet market.

Good Staging really does pay dividends!



About Marshall Properties
Marshall Properties was established in the early 1990s by Malcolm Marshall who has since specialized in the residential sector, covering Dublin 2, 4 & 6, as well as parts of South County Dublin; Blackrock, Mount Merrion and Foxrock etc. Areas of speciality include Sales, Lettings, Property Management and Staging Houses for sale. Other services include giving advice on property presentation for sale or to be let and offering assistance in relation to providing concepts for the redesign of properties to increase capital value, sale price, rentability and rental return.

As a sole practitioner, Marshall has developed a highly-personalized service where he provides a one to one service to his clients; many of whom have been with him since he started off, all those years ago. Others have come by way of recommendation from existing clients or family members of clients. (You can see Client feedback on this site.) Marshall offers his services to people who know that it is in their own best interests to have the best professional working for them. This is especially so because many of his clients do not have the time to attempt to sell or rent their properties. They prefer to step back from such activities. Most clients are highly successful people who basically say, “Here's the key, get on with it”. And he does.

Visit Marshall Properties website.



Project of the Month: Dundee Apartments

presentingurproperty were invited by a developer at Densfield Dundee to stage two flats in a new development.


Although we never expected to stage show flats, word has started to spread around the area about presentingurproperty, and we have become the go-to stagers for developers. Another developer named Discovery Homes has also just recently asked us to stage a third Showhome for them.


Our staged flats sold in a record time of two weeks, with every viewer reserving a flat. The developer was blown away by the success of our staging.


The success of this and our other recent projects, while I have been working full-time in another job, is allowing me to begin transitioning into home staging permanently.


Learn more about presentingurproperty and their projects on their website: