Virtual Staging is a tool that can be used to demonstrate to buyers an Interior Designed scheme within a property, transforming it from a space into a home. This tool can be used in a number of ways:

– To increase marketability of a property without having to put any real furniture in.

– To assist the agent or landlord in selecting the right physical staging furniture package prior to ordering.

– To show the possibilities of what a property could look like to the right demographic.

We have developed this tool into our own clever Virtual Staging techniques, and are helping developers, landlords, Interior Designers and home owners.

Being able to implement, into physical staging, the actual virtual staged interior design scheme once the property is purchased or completed is what differentiates us from the current market. This makes our staging far more than just smart computer-generated images (CGI).

The new generation of buyers is more fluent and comfortable with the digital experience than ever before. We are giving the buyers’ imagination an emotional experience where they are able to envision a furnished property prior to it being furnished. We have found that we can achieve a great result when a client walks into an empty property, having already seen photos of what an Interior Designed scheme would look like. The furniture layout and staging has already been filtered into their imagination and they are able to perceive the eventual results.

Many developers have contracted us to create a Virtual Staging scheme to showcase how a property would look whether or not they are purchasing or renting the furniture package from us. As an example, we created a lovely scheme for Barratt London recently in Harrow who passed us over the “Mood Board” of their appointed staging company. We delivered within a few days, and this helped the developer to make their decision to push through with the physical staging.

We have also carried out many Virtual Staging schemes which resulted in us implementing physical staging as there is still a market of homeowners who continue to be physically intimate with their home and require physical home staging. Additionally, we have many property buyers that have purchased our staged furniture packages directly from us. This allows the developer or landlord to sell the property as furnished and adding “Images include optional upgrades at additional cost” to their marketing material.


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