Digital marketing is all about how good you are at layering your brand. Think more like Shrek than Donkey in this scenario. A cake is nice and all, but it doesn’t have enough layers to make an impact, where an onion makes sure your brand keeps traction in a constantly changing digital space.

So how do we do this?

The first step is your website. Beautiful design and visuals is one thing, but what about how Google sees you and matches you with potential clients? This is what search engine optimization, or SEO, is all about. It’s teaching Google about the kind of clients you want, and how you want to be attached to their searches. A very basic way of measuring how good your SEO is, is to see where you are in a Google search. So don’t search your business name, pick what you think people should search in Google to be introduced to your business. Happy with the results? There is always room for improvement, even if this is keeping competitors at bay.

So what about the next layer of SEO?

It’s time to take a look at your social media presence. Do you have platforms in place? How well have you branded them and looked after the overall aesthetic appeal of them? How often do you post? Do you post consistently? Or is this a weak point of yours?

The secret first step to good social media presence is consistency. Make sure you post only once a day on Facebook or Instagram, but do so at even intervals. Try aim for 3 posts a week for a good consistency. The rest is all creativity and up to you and your brand.

Why is this important for SEO? When you are searched, all your business platforms will pop up in the results. No recent posts and people start asking if you are relevant. So it’s a crucial step to showing you are serious about your business and are ready to interact with customers. Even if you don’t get many conversions on your platforms now, consumers use them to research potential service providers.

After your social media is all sorted on a basic level, it’s time to think blogging. What’s great about blogging is that it can give your brand a very personal feel, you can use keywords to strengthen your position in Google and you are creating great content to share on your social media platforms.


If any of this feels daunting, fear not! Tamsin is here to help and implement as you need and HSA members have a special rate. Contact us at for more information.

Author: ltiwebHome