The way you sell your home is very different from the way you live in your home. Home staging professionals offer a thoughtful approach to interiors, creating lifestyle clients may be unable to imagine for themselves. A rich market, the possibilities for establishing a portfolio are greater than ever. An industry-focused HSA approved education programme will equip you with the expertise to stand out from the crowd.


Education broadens our perspectives and develops a greater sense of stagings’ goals. Whether you are a new stager looking to gain more credibility or are seeking official certification of your masterly performance, the HSA has set in motion a two-part accreditation enterprise. Suitable for stagers and education providers, the scheme is a powerful academic force, a hub of the very best in professional development.


The HSA believes education strengthens performance and increases client satisfaction. Challenging stagers on multiple levels including difference, inclusion and access, education instils a mind-set in tune with a range of demographics. Further to this, a logistical approach that oozes dynamism proves your skillset to clients.


Business sense and creative integrity are mutually reinforcing, as a concept, home staging is no longer exclusive, yet this need not reflect your service. Drawing on the experience of accredited educators, or, becoming an accredited stager yourself dramatically improves your standing amongst competitors, a sure sign of your dedication to a quality result and reflective of your creative credentials.


With an extensive background in Coaching and offering an impressive knowledge of the luxury property market, the founder of Lemon and Lime Interiors, Elaine Penhaul has been welcomed to the HSA as Senior Advisor for Coaching and Professional Development. Elaine provides further nuance to the organisation, in a journey which places the HSA at the very heart of home staging education, a gatekeeper of its kind.


In the context of a post-pandemic market, staging expertise holds real value. A sprawling plane of opportunity to increase your credentials and help sellers boost the appeal of their homes unfolds where house prices fall. And so, professionalising your home staging efforts acts a means to capitalise on the ebb and flow of the property market.


Home Staging Association accredited courses can be found on our website, each selected for their standout attributes, increasing your knowledge of subject matter and enforcing a broader picture of the field. Alternatively, you can apply to become an accredited member, a long-term investment in your business and mark of your contribution to the industry.

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