The Home Staging Association UK & Ireland are raring to get the 2020 Home Staging Forum on the road. The event will take place between 15th-16th October and, for the first time, will be totally online!

HSA UK & Ireland have secured an array of sensational speakers to cover a broad range of staging subjects.

Who other than Paloma Harrington-Griffin, founder of the HSA UK & Ireland, would have the sigil honour of opening 2020’s forum? She’ll be kicking off the event with a seriously relevant talk, too: Home Staging and the post-lockdown property market.

It’s on everyone’s mind, and Home Staging success in 2020/21 is tightly bound to industry insight concerning COVID-19’s effect on the housing market.

Paloma is singularly set up to detail a Home Stager’s navigation through this tough time, however. Since 2000, Paloma has had a hand in starting a host of businesses and has acted as a source of education and support internationally.

Aside from setting up the HSA UK & Ireland, Paloma co-founded the Brazilian Home Staging Association and School Núcleo de Home Staging; is the Vice President of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals in Europe; and, to top it all off, runs Home Staging businesses in the UK and Brazil.

Whew! That’s quite the curriculum vitae.

Joining Paloma is an equally formidable presence in the Home Staging industry: Elaine Penhaul. She’ll be following up the post-lockdown chat with a talk on how to track one’s Home Staging success.

Elaine is tremendously well qualified as a business coach – she’s tutored senior leaders from a wealth of backgrounds, we’re talking police forces to yachting associations – possessing an MEd, PGCE, and PGDip.

That’s a lot of letters and a lot of reassurance for forum attendees.

Alongside her coaching business, Elaine nurtured her staging business, Lemon and Lime Interiors, into financial maturity. Now, L&L stands as one of the largest staging businesses in the UK since its inauguration eight years ago. They work with Fine and Country, Knight Frank, and Savills on the regular.

With the wealth of experience, Elaine’s picked up through staging and coaching over the years, it would be silly not to have written a book: Sell High, Sell Fast is set to hit shelves in Autumn 2020.

Elaine will also be joining the Real Estate & Home Staging Panel Discussion which closes out day two (16th October).

For more information on the Home Staging Forum 2020, visit this link, or email the HSA UK & Ireland at

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