With the Christmas tree taken down and the decorations put away do you feel your home is looking a bit empty, bland and sorry for itself? It’s a normal reaction that many of us have at this time of year. This feeling is from missing the glow from strings of lights that are used during the holidays and exacerbated by the dark and gloomy winter light.

Lighting is often not thought about until later in a decorating scheme and this is why, sometimes, the finished effect can feel a little lacklustre. Adding various layers of lighting mean you can alter the feel and look of a room just by turning on or off some of the lights. This is achieved very easily if you add dimmer switches to your scheme. Dimmable bulbs are now available in LEDs, just check the label before buying. NOTE: the newer bulbs available now look much warmer than the earlier cold blue versions, be aware that colours are perceived differently due to the light you use. Dimmable LED bulbs.

If we understand what each room requires to be lit well, then adding in layers of lighting becomes easier to achieve.

Ambient light is the overall light in a room. It is the natural light from a window for example or the central ceiling light. It is a light that is present before any additional smaller lighting pieces are introduced to a room.

Task lighting is directed at an area used for specific tasks such as reading, sewing or food preparation.

Accent lighting is used to emphasise or highlight an architectural feature, artwork, houseplants or outside landscaping.


Accent light before and after


Buying Lighting We have an amazing amount of choice available to us here in the UK. From retailers such as John Lewis and M&S, along with online suppliers such as BHS online, to electrical wholesalers in most large towns, the choice can sometimes be too much. Work out what your most immediate needs are and find a light that works with the style of your décor. Gradually build up your layers of light until you are happy with the result.

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