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The HSA Accreditation is available to members of the Home Staging Association who are active in the industry, having undertaken appropriate training and/or gathered a significant portfolio that reflects their experience and credibility.

Please follow the steps below to apply.



Be an HSA member

Completed staging projects

Evidence of accumulated credits

Evidence of completed CPD

Submit Portfolio

Evidence staging success tracking

Payment of process fee

Become accredited


Please check that you meet the criteria and choose the category under which you would like to apply.  If you are applying as an individual, you can choose more than one category. If in doubt, please head back to the previous page and read the options and further instructions carefully. Once the application has been received, the HSA will analyse it against the criteria and verify if the member meets the established requirements. HSA approves the application or gives feedback as to why it has been declined, with suggestions on what needs to be accomplished to achieve the accreditation.


All HSA Accredited Staging Companies are required to undertake a number of hours of CPD activity in each accreditation year, all of which should be recorded.  CPD activities can be Structured or Unstructured (see below).

  • HSA events – courses, workshops, webinars and conferences;
  • IAHSP®/IAHSP®EU events – courses, workshops, webinars and conferences;
  • CPD offered by Property, Interiors and/or Home Staging CPD Providers – whether live events or online learning;
  • Other live events with clear learning objectives – courses, seminars, workshops and conferences;
  • Online learning and/or webinars with learning objectives;
  • An accredited or academic course or training that has a clear relationship to Home Staging and its practice;
  • Formal teaching – developing and delivering learning for others that includes clear learning objectives;
  • Coaching or mentoring a Home Staging student or intern with formal tracking of the outputs;
  • Authorship – writing, or submitting a significant contribution to, an article, manual or book that is published for a professional audience.
  • Volunteering on the HSA Committee; Participating in a panel discussion at a live event, such as an exhibition, or a trade show;
  • Giving a talk or participating in a panel discussion or as a speaker at a live event, such as an exhibition, or a trade show;
  • Giving a talk or participating in an online event about Home Staging, such as a webinar or a live Q&A;
  • Attending exhibitions and/or trade shows that are Property, Interiors and/or Home Staging related;
  • Reading property related magazines, journals and books;
  • Reading interiors related magazines, journals and books;
  • Listening to property, home staging and/or interiors related podcasts.


Please fill in your CPD record log and get your supporting documents together: you will be given the opportunity to upload these in one of the last steps of the form below, enabling you to complete the application process online.


Once the application has been received, you will receive an invoice for the Accreditation processing fee.

The HSA will review your application once the payment has been confirmed.

In the case of a successful application, the HSA will notify the member via email.

The now Accredited member will receive a Welcome Pack containing:

Welcome Letter
Accredited Logo
Accredited Certificate
CPD Log Template

In the event that a member does not meet the Accreditation requirements, the HSA will contact them directly to advise why they did not meet the criteria, with detailed suggestions that aim to assist the member with the standards required.

Please click here to read the Frequently Asked Questions regarding our Accreditation Programme.

Please click here to read the Terms and Conditions of the HSA Accreditation Programme.

We can assist you. If even after reading all details carefully you still have any questions, please contact us – we are here to help!