Markets hate uncertainty. So, it’s no surprise that Brexit has got some house buyers and sellers worried. After all, it’s big unknown.

As house prices fall (in some parts of the UK) and fears grow over base rate cuts, people are asking themselves if this is the right time to move or re-mortgage.

The figures also paint a confusing picture. Whereas house prices in London and the South are falling, in contrast, there’s been an increase in property prices for the UK as a whole.

But the reality is the housing market always presents an element of risk and prices ebb and flow. There’s no denying that the current economic climate impacts on house prices. But where you live and what type of property you own, is as, if not more relevant.

So, whether you’re a ‘Leaver’ or a ‘Remainer’ — here a few tips on how to sell your house before Brexit.

#1 Get your house in order

With our departure from the EU getting closer, you can’t afford to put off prospective buyers with a poorly presented home. Your home needs to look the best it can—remove all clutter, deep clean, finish any DIY jobs and give the place a fresh lick of paint. It’s vital your home looks clean, fully lighted and ready to move.-in

#2 Don’t inflate the asking price

Don’t underestimate your buyers, they would’ve done their homework so will know exactly how much your home is worth. If you’re not sure, check out local housing listings and see how much properties (like yours) are selling for. Also, if you want a quick sale, it’s better to have a realistic asking price rather than inflating it, which will just put buyers off. And, if you’re property is in a good condition in a popular area, there’s no reason why you might not attract more than one buyer, potentially increasing your chances of securing a sale above your asking price.

#3 Be ready to move quickly

Get organised. Here’s a checklist to help you work out the logistics:

  • Make a list of people or organisations that need to be notified that you are moving address e.g. banking, magazine subscriptions, insurance, council tax, utilities, doctor etc…
  • Get rid of things you don’t need (as part of the de-cluttering) and put bulky items you want to keep for your new home into storage.
  • Organise packing materials and removal van details.

#4 Find a chain-free buyer

Property chains are stressful. The fact that each transaction is dependent on the one ahead means the potential risk of things going wrong is so much higher. But, if you find a chain free buyer, you’re more likely to avoid a transaction break down or unexpected hold-ups, which will significantly speed up the process.

#5 Sell your house for cash

The average time it takes to complete on a sale in the UK is 3-months. And, nothing is guaranteed till contracts are exchanged, which means buyers or sellers can change their minds at any time. It also allows time for other things to go wrong like for instance buyers may struggle to get a mortgage, unexpected issue arise from the survey or the chain breaks down. When you sell your property to cash buyers like House Buy Fast, you eliminate all these risks. Instead, you can enjoy peace of mind that everything can be completed with less stress in a far shorter time frame.



Author: ltiwebHome