While staging a home for the property market, you may recommend your clients update their home with fresh paint. Buyers, designers, and even social media influencers have gravitated in recent years toward white walls with accents of neutrals and charcoal. It’s a colour scheme that is timeless and classic, yet fresh and crisp.

But finding the perfect shade of white can be difficult. Staging Studio, an HSA-recommended home stager training provider, offers a Master Colour Consultant™ certification program that will revolutionize the way you look at and select colours.

You can download Staging Studio’s list of the 20 best white paint colours for FREE! Read on for expert insights into the best white paint colours to paint a home for the property market, and to download the free list.

What is the BEST white paint colour for staging?

As certified Master Colour Consultants™ know, we get asked all of the time to just name the one-size-fits-all paint selection for every situation. Clients will call begging us to give them a colour name over the phone. It’s always an emergency. The painter is coming in the morning and they need to pick something right now.

Don’t we wish it was that easy to choose paint colours?! Here’s the thing – and it may surprise you – white is a colour. Actually, it is a rainbow of all colours. Sir Isaac Newton discovered that when you pass white light through a prism, it splits into the 6 major hues: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet.

So every white paint, unless it is a precisely equal blend of all of the colours, will have an undertone of one or more of those hues. The most commonly used whites fall into one of the following categories: blue whites, true whites, off-whites, and creams.

There is no one-size-fits all white paint.

The moral of the story is that the perfect white paint is the one that works perfectly with the other colours in the space. It must be chosen in the context of the lighting and hard surface selections that it must coexist with. A white that looks clean in one setting will read as blue in another. One that appears warm in one home will appear dingy in another.

Okay – but you came here for some direction on a great white backdrop for your next home staging project. So with your new knowledge about undertones, click here to download a list of the 20 best white paint colours for home staging.

To learn more about choosing the perfect white and reading the undertones in every colour, you won’t want to miss Staging Studio’s presentation, How to Select Colour with Expert Confidence, at the Home Staging Association Online Forum. Staging Studio Co-Founder Debbie Boggs is speaking on 15th October about:

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Staging Studio is the leading training provider and resource for the home staging industry. Click here for more info on their courses, including the online Master Colour Consultant™ certification course.

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