Calling all Home Staging professionals and enthusiasts!

Want to get started in the Home Staging world but not sure how to go about it?

Perhaps you just want to understand what the next step for your career should be?

Or maybe you would like to find out how to tweak your strategy to attract more visibility to your business?


Got questions? We’ve got answers!

Professionals everywhere reach out to the HSA seeking for advice and guidance. We have always been here for you and we will carry on supporting you and your businesses the best way we can.

Aiming to improve our support system and to give you bespoke advice to help you and guide you even further, our Founder, Paloma Harrington-Griffin, is offering time slots to answer your questions about your home staging business or your home staging journey in general.

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Paloma and the HSA team are still available via email for general enquiries and to support you regarding HSA memberships and Home Staging. If you would like to address more specific topics and get bespoke suggestions, please email us at



About Paloma

Paloma Harrington-Griffin is an ASP® Accredited Home Staging Professional, Home Staging and Interior Styling Expert and Luxury Staging Specialist.

Founder of the Home Staging Association UK & Ireland, Paloma is also the Vice President of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals in Europe.

She runs her Home Staging businesses in the UK and in Brazil, being also the Co-Founder of the Brazilian Home Staging Association and School Núcleo de Home Staging, as well as the IAHSP® Chapter President for the country.

An entrepreneur at heart, having started businesses since the early 2000’s, Paloma believes in empowering people through knowledge, education and support.

She is passionate about educating people and has organised several Home Staging events, in the UK and abroad, focusing on helping professionals with their businesses.

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